The grainpump let’s you move grain with high efficiency with high capacity, with lower power consumption than augers, standard chain conveyors, and air transport systems – coupled with low capital investment, while retaining advantages of commercial type handling systems.

The efficiency of the grainpump comes from the fact that the grain is conveyed in a tubular housing – or a standard round steel tube, instead of a manufactured rectangular casing (as with chain conveyors) – which lowers the capital cost significantly – both in initial construction – and especially in expansion of existing projects that have grainpumps installed already.



The chain runs in the centre of the tubular housing, and has a UHMW flight fitted to it, every 330mm – that are notched to allow the chain to round the sprockets on the four corners of the loop system.

Because of the round tube construction – discharges and inlets can be placed at any section of the conveyor – allowing ultimat flexibility in loading and unloading situations.

Drive options range from single drive units between 11KW up to 30KW and double drive units – from 2 x 11KW up to 2 x 22KW drives.

The system is installed in a continuous loop – with the bottom traveling chain typically running beneath the floor of the silos, and top chain traveling section running over the top of the silos.

Multiple silos can be unloaded at the same time – if required – into the same conveyor – in instances for example when grain mixing is required at unload or for cycling or blending silos during in bin drying.

Maximum distances for the system is up to 45m vertical travel (one way) – and up to 150m horizontal travel (one way).


Capacity:                              100TPH
Chain travel speed:              1.65m/second
Head shaft RPM:                  110RPM
Flight thickness:                    8mm
Chain type:                            81XH or similar
Power required(vertical):       0.85KW/m
Power required(horizontal):   0.19KW/m
Weight (empty):                     17.9kg/m
Weight (full-maize):                41.7kg/m

Maintenance costs are minimal, due to the auto-takeup system that is installed on the far lagging corner.

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